Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Great stock Market Crash of 1929

Monday, September 17, 2007

Best Buy Store

Running a store is not an easy job, let alone running a Best Buy Store.

Myriad of products can be purchased in this grand enterprise sprawling upon a 45,000-square-foot location .

Key-chain-sized computer, micro drives, refrigerators, washers, and dryers are showcased to the customers.It's open 77 hours a week, with 120 employees, many of whom are young adults.

Some of the more complex products demand high level training from some of the employees.

Best Buy Store on the average, makes an annual yield of tens of millions dollars from selling electronic products, such as computers, CDs, DVDs, and other merchandise in a year.

But because it's a low-margin business, Best Buy Store keeps only a fraction of each sale.

Commonly, at the managerial position of every Best Buy Store is a young and friendly chap who assumes responsibility for all the aspects of its performance.As with any retail enterprise, there's a fine line between profit and loss at a Best Buy Store.

Staying on the wining side commonly requires from a manager to concurrently balance many competing aspects of the business, such as probing staff capacities for meeting customer standards; checking the price competitiveness; checking efficiency of security in stopping theft without irritating honest customers; keeping everything in the store clean and bright, stocked and labeled.

Furthermore, a Best Buy Store manager has to make sure that all the employees are engaged in their incumbent tasks, since many college student employed may keep only one eye on the job, whereas the other one will be somewhere within the schedule of mid-term exams.

This raises another issue of staff motivation that must not be neglected.